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We’re a full-service, results-driven Amazon Brand Management Agency dedicated to helping brands maximize their sales potential in the Amazon marketplace. We offer a complete, end-to-end service that takes all the hassle from your shoulders — so you can crush your competitors and focus on the fun.

Established Brands

Launch new products successfully with a customized plan.

Growing Brands

Remove obstacles so you can focus on growth.

Newbie Brands

Even top sellers had to start somewhere. We’ve got your back.

The Passion Behind Romans Tide...

When I first started selling on Amazon, I was doing all the “right” things. And yet, I watched my listings fall further and further behind.

I had high-quality, in-demand products.
I understood marketing and applied best practices to my copy and images.
I researched and applied creative business strategies and was excited to flex my entrepreneurial muscle.

What I didn’t know then — and I know now — is that you can be a smart marketer who plays by the rules and still fail on Amazon.


Because, sadly there are sellers who dedicate considerable time and resources to ensuring your business will fail. 

But here’s the good news: I have proven strategies and solutions to fight these bad actors and enhance your brand to ensure your products stay on Page 1.

Let’s get started.

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What We Do

We play both offense and defense for our clients. Our two-pronged approach builds and enhances your brand while guarding and protecting your products from sabotage.

We BUILD + ENHANCE Your Brand…

Keyword research — for both you and your competitors — that results in Page 1 rankings

Optimize Amazon listings with relevant, strategically placed keywords so more people searching for your products will find you (and not your competitors)

Maximize A+ Content through professional art direction, copywriting, photography and video production

Multi-platform marketing, branding and high-converting funnels to inspire loyalty beyond Amazon

Create and optimize PPC campaigns on Amazon

Product personalization services for retail items, enhancing the customer experience

Customized new product launches to hit the scene with a bang and gain traction right out of the gate

Visibility on Global Amazon Platforms for a wider audience reach

Grow authentic reviews with our proven strategies

How We GUARD + PROTECT Your Brand…

We set up algorithms to alert when a competitor violates the rules to hurt your business

Real-time monitoring for any changes to Amazon’s terms of service or image standards

Identify and remove unauthorized sellers who are stealing market share

Report MAP violations that undercut your pricing strategy

Lift account and ASIN suspensions to limit or remove any interruption to your business

Remove negative feedback that can drive away potential customers

Repricing strategies that allow an item to maintain control of the buy box or fix a suppressed buy box

Prevent or recover hijacked listings from competitors

Forecast and prevent product stock outs to prevent lost sales and frustrated customers

Don’t see a needed service or resource listed here? No problem. Let us know what you’re struggling with, and we’ll find a way to help you.

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