In 2019, Amazon sold roughly 4000 items per minute in the USA. That same year, the total number of Amazon Prime members grew to 150 million subscribers. Amazon has become a staple and powerhouse in the online marketplace, so ecommerce entrepreneurs need to be at the top of their marketing game on the platform.

But with the overwhelming number of companies, businesses, and sellers, it can be a challenge for your listings to stand out. After all, you’re competing with large enterprises who have deep pockets. But that is the beauty of Amazon as a platform: it allows the smaller and newer brands to have equal footing with the bigger businesses.

Branding is key

The cultivation of a winning brand should be the foundation of every new business. Now more than ever, buyer’s are picky about how they spend their money. It is critical not to sell to your customers, but to build a relationship with their target market. Trust takes time to establish, but it’s the key to loyalty.

Outside of features and price, one of the most important ways for a company to compete is through its branding. It’s typical for customers to prefer a specific brand no matter the cost. A lower price point might not always be the best thing to focus your marketing around.

If you find that hard to believe, then consider Apple. There are many smartphones on the market that have equal or better specifications that cost less. Yet, Apple manages to sustain a loyal following of customers who buy new phones every year, regardless of whether their current devices actually need replacing.

What’s in a name? Everything…

One of the most difficult things about building a brand is coming up with a name. It has to be memorable, meaningful, and easy to pronounce. Most brands use terms that relates to their industry, but this doesn’t always have to be the case.

Many successful brands today, like Apple, do not follow the rule that your brand name has to be associated in any way with the industry. Some of the most recognizable brands in the world take a seemingly irrelevant term and redefine it — like Amazon.

Diversify your marketing approach

It’s essential to communicate with your audience on all available platforms, not just Amazon or your own website. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest should all be maximized, as well as highly targeted and compelling email campaigns.

It is also important to make sure that your website is well designed and, as many customers like to do a little research about a product before they buy it. An attractive website lends credibility to your brand, and increases the likelihood of building trust with your customer.

Through the website and your social media channels, you could offer support and information to your customers even when they aren’t on Amazon, which will set your brand above the competition.

Packaging is a part of your brand

One of the most curious things to come out of the culture of social media is the unboxing video. Packaging has become an integral part of branding. The packaging alone could determine how customers perceive and value your product at a glance.

If a product is packaged well, a customer is more likely to appreciate the product and the brand in general the moment they receive their order. It is a little touch that can add a lot of value to the branding and marketing of your Amazon product.


The online marketplace is a savage and competitive environment, but with effective marketing you can rise to the top. Amazon has created a platform where businesses of any size can compete on equal footing, and raised the standards for branding and customer service. 

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“In 2019, Amazon sold 4,000 products per minute. How many of those were yours?”