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Frequently Asked Questions

What does brand management mean?

We help brands maximize their sales potential in the Amazon marketplace, with a complete, end-to-end service that takes all the hassle from their shoulders. Most clients wish they discovered us years ago, because we make it so easy to succeed on the platform.

What is Romans Tide?

I’m a family man, and when I started my company I named it for the two things that gave me the greatest joy in the world. Roman, for my son. And the tide, to capture my love of surfing and remind me that to truly reach the pinnacle of success, you need a careful balance. 

Can you sell products on Amazon Global Marketplaces?

Yes, we can indeed. Our team can help you to list and sell your brands products on any of the Amazon marketplaces across North America, Europe, and Asia.

Can you help me with my overall branding?

Absolutely. We have experience in building brands from the ground up, including graphic identity and messaging strategy across all platforms. Long-term success comes from your ability to effectively and consistently connect with your customers on a personal level, not just sell to them.

Do you work with other ecommerce platforms?

Amazon is our primary focus, but we have helped a number of clients successfully launch on other platforms, we can have your products operational on Walmart with 2 day shipping. 

Can you handle MAP?

Of course. We have successfully implemented over 750 standard operating procedures to help you quickly and effectively set pricing guidelines, and also the proprietary software to immediately alert of any seller’s violation of these, so we can take quick and decisive action. 

Can you handle counterfeit listings?

Yes we can. Our suite of tools tracks your competition in real time to flag and warn us of any counterfeit sellers or hijacked listings. We will take immediate steps to rectify any breaches like this, and ensure that the integrity of your brand is always protected. If legal action is needed we have the contacts and can connect you with an specialist ecommerce lawyer that not only deals with these issues daily, has the expertise to successfully assist.

How do I get other sellers off my Amazon listings?

Through Amazon’s Brand Registry platform, we will proactively monitor your listings and coordinate with Amazon on your behalf to ensure other sellers are not piggy-backing on your branded products and listings on the platform.