3 Effective Strategies for Marketing on Amazon

In 2019, Amazon sold roughly 4000 items per minute in the USA. That same year, the total number of Amazon Prime members grew to 150 million subscribers. Amazon has become a staple and powerhouse in the online marketplace, so ecommerce entrepreneurs need to be at the top of their marketing game on the platform. But […]

3 Essential Brand Strategies for Amazon Sellers

As one of the biggest companies in the world, Amazon has proven itself a valuable asset to the retail industry, to both customers and business owners alike. It has created a world where everything is accessible with a few taps and slides on your smartphone. But while it has put more goods within easy reach, […]

Romans Tide eCommerce Guide: Analyzing Failed Amazon Sellers’ Mistakes

Amazon is a powerful platform for businesses to reach their customers. Whether you’re a local business or targeting an international audience, mastering Amazon can help you increase sales.   However, this online marketplace is not without its fair share of risks. There are certain pitfalls that many sellers and merchants face that can threaten their […]

Unbox With Me! How to Create Amazon Product Packaging That Stands Out

You’ve placed so much effort into creating the perfect catalog. With clear product descriptions and attractive photography, you feel triumphant—certain that your packaging and copy are perfect. And yet, you are certain to receive negative feedback and complaints about your packaging.   It can be incredibly frustrating, but keep in mind that your customer’s experience […]

5 Ways To Beat Your Competitors on Amazon

With the COVID-19 crisis still hampering businesses all over the world, selling on Amazon can be a good lifeline for your business. However, with over 2.5 million active sellers* on the platform today, you will need to do more than just post your goods.   In fact, if you’re a new seller, the cards can […]

What to Know About Influencer Marketing for Amazon Retailers

Amazon is ubiquitous in the world of e-commerce and online retail—and is set to become even more prominent, as businesses scramble to enter the online marketplace. Now, more than ever, it’s critical to use every available e-commerce marketing tactic, whether you are selling a product or service. As Amazon grows as a platform, it’s becoming […]

How to Boost Revenue with TikTok


One of the most popular social apps today is TikTok, a video-sharing social media platform. Users on TikTok can upload short clips of everything from 15-second comedy sketches to dance and song covers, and even micro tutorials of every possible hobby.  The majority of users on TikTok are young people, though there are also some […]

4 Surefire Ways to Boost Revenue on Amazon

With the quarantine nearing its sixth month, it has become clear that for businesses to survive the COVID-19 pandemic, most of them need to find ways to sell online. If you are a seller, one of the greatest opportunities to continue earning income is through utilizing e-commerce platforms, such as heavy-hitting Amazon.   With a […]

Learning from the Expert: eCommerce Lessons from Amazon

Amazon came onto the scene as a humble online bookseller. With years of effort and hard work, however, it has now become an eCommerce platform to contend with. People from all around the world visit Amazon for their purchases, from the latest technology gadgets to simple baking products. With more than 12 million products to […]

Prepare for Takeoff: 5 Tips for a Successful Amazon Pre-Launch


Amazon has grown to be a popular and powerful e-commerce website that gives sellers an excellent platform to attract customers and sell their products. In the same way, it is among the leading sites that users flock towards, in order to find the product they need online.    Considering this, you have to brace yourself […]