Building Profitable Relationships


Our success and everything we care about, is built on strong relationships.

Our purpose is to build profitable long term relationships with business owners looking to expand their presence online. We believe people working together with different skills can create better outcomes together than they can alone.

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About Us

Nick and Angelica are an elite team of e-commerce entrepreneurs focused on forging quality relationships with brand owners and vendors. They’ve been running their own businesses for over half a decade, and they know a thing or two about innovation.

The dynamic duo are able to collaboratively combine their expertise in operational excellence with marketing and sales to form the perfect combination of care and success for brands.

Focused on Growth

Both for themselves, and the brands they champion today, and look forward to supporting tomorrow. Nick and Angelica have developed in house processes that keep a personal touch on every customer interaction. They understand that brands are commonly mis-represented online, and understand the problematic issues that can arise day in and day out in what can seem like the wild west of e-commerce. Brand care and representation is at the fore-front of their laser-focused technique.

Helping brand owners is part of Romans Tide's DNA

As successful consultants in the world of e-commerce, they understand excellence in customer interaction and satisfaction. 

Romans Tide is able to provide a well rounded view of the online market and have developed an exclusive peer network that makes solving common, and uncommon problems effortless.

It's easy to choose Romans Tide as your e-commerce partner

Whether it’s their years of experience with the ins and outs of the best marketplaces, and focus on customer satisfaction or that their ear is always close to the shoreline; listening for the inevitable and ever-changing waves and direction from the world of e-commerce.

Simply put, with Romans Tide you can feel better about carpe diem.