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Prepare for Takeoff: 5 Tips for a Successful Amazon Pre-Launch

Amazon has grown to be a popular and powerful e-commerce website that gives sellers an excellent platform to attract customers and sell their products. In the same way, it is among the leading sites that users flock towards, in order to find the product they need online.

Considering this, you have to brace yourself to face tough competition. It’s not just the volume of Amazon sellers that are increasing; you must also take note that these sellers are becoming increasingly creative with their advertising efforts for their products on the platform.

Before you launch your product, it’s helpful to have a plan in place—a plan that will help you and your product stand out from the noise and the crowd. Sounds too big of a task? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

#1: Come Up with a Social Media Plan to Promote Your Product

The best place to find and connect with your target market is on social media, particularly Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The idea is that you can catch their attention while they are on these platforms, pushing them to visit your Amazon page to buy your products.

A great way to start promoting on social media is to have your friends talk about your product there. If you have the budget, you can even tie-up with social media influencers to widen your reach.

#2: Use Promotions and Discounts

Most customers, if not all, are attracted to the words “discount,” “50% off,” or even “free shipping.” A great way to promote your product is to offer discounts or deals that are so attractive that they’ll keep coming back to your page for more.

And those who see your promotions are also likely to share them with their friends and even encourage them to buy, as well.

#3: Create a PPC Campaign for Your Product

The platform has an advertising model called Amazon PPC that allows sellers to boost their visibility and, consequently, their sales. In this campaign, you pay a fee every time a shopper clicks on your ad. A successful PPC campaign can catapult you and your product to success, however, you should find the technique that works best for you to reap significant results.

#4: Be Mindful of Your Stock

Your Google rankings can go down if your products are always out of stock. Moreover, your customers won’t be pleased to learn that they’ll have to wait for prolonged periods just to get their hands on your product.

There are various advanced inventory software out there that you can use to keep track of your inventory and ensure that your stock is sufficient for each business day.

  1. Utilize Amazon FBA to Your Advantage

FBA, which stands for Fulfillment by Amazon, is meant to help sellers like you when it comes to storing, packaging, and shipping your products to your customers. With this program, you can have your merchandise stored in warehouses until they are sold and need to be shipped. Your products will also bear an Amazon prime badge, which helps improve your visibility and makes you look reliable to your customers.

Launching a product on Amazon can indeed be challenging, but there are steps you can take and some practices you can follow to make your online venture successful. That said, we hope the tips we shared above gave you more ideas as to how you can prepare for your product’s launch.

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