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Tips to Grow Amazon Sales for Better Market Share

Amazon’s eCommerce platform is undoubtedly the US’s strongest industry, with owner Jeff Bezos rising to the status of the richest man in the world. Almost everything can be found on Amazon, which is the reason why so many people use the online retailing platform to purchase everything from electronics to everyday items.

When it comes to being a seller on Amazon, one of the biggest hindrances to business would be the bite that the company takes out of each of your sales. While this platform is one of the best ways to sell your products, the trade-off is that you have Amazon taking a part of your sales as a result of better visibility. But there are ways to grow your sales and have better market share on Amazon:

Control Product Distribution

If you sell an in-demand product, one way you will lose out to competitors is by ignoring the existence of unauthorized resellers. They are known to undercut the sales procedure to get ahead of other entities. You need to be proactive in monitoring these resellers and going after them because they can compete with your pricing, lure customers away from you, and damage your reputation.

Protect Your Brand Name

Remember that starting with a solid foundation is a good way to ensure future growth. When people know you for top-tier products being sold, they will be more likely to keep referring your products to others. Strengthen your brand with better customer service, valuing warranties, and interacting with them by answering questions and queries no matter how simple they may seem.

Control Product Listings

The best way to control listings on the eCommerce website is to get your brand registered. As a result, your brand will see a reduced number of sellers that have succeeded in exploiting your listings. This will also make it easier for you to file for them to be booted off Amazon in the event you catch them piggybacking through you.

When you have control of the items you sell on product listings, this makes it easier to control the quality of sales on every item. Additionally, there will also be proper fulfillment and excellent customer service to top that.

Also, remember that pricing your products in a reasonable range on all channels you are listing your products is recommended. Amazon’s terms and conditions have guidelines and will block featured offers on their pages that have higher prices than on other marketplaces. Remember that Amazon prides itself on offering the best quality products at the lowest prices available, so rather than fighting the system, adapt to it to keep listings up and running.

Avoid Competing Using Price Wars

A great way to keep your shop in good standing is to avoid competing heavily. Price wars are hard to win in most cases, especially if you are competing against Amazon itself. While you may still make some sales at target prices, slower-moving products with higher storage space fees and shipping costs will put you at a loss.

Amazon can be your business’ greatest asset, but can also put you at a loss. Taking the right steps when it comes to investing to put your products on the online retailing giant’s site can make a huge difference. Provided you do all the planning and invest in a proper Amazon brand management agency, this can greatly increase the sales you have on the platform and gain better market share.

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