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The Benefits of Partnering With Authorized Resellers on Amazon

One of the biggest challenges you might face when you want to sell online is the conflict of interest with your traditional distributors. Ideally, you do not want to damage your relationship with them. After all, they were your first partners in selling your manufactured products before you considered online selling.

If you close your doors to online selling, however, you are leaving too much money on the table. With a big portion of retail sales coming from online purchases, you’re missing out on a massive revenue if you fail to venture online. Big online shopping platforms like Amazon and small e-commerce sites all play an enormous role in establishing online shopping as a trusted and reliable option for consumers. With that said, part of excellent brand management includes letting your customers have the opportunity to buy your products online.

How Do Online Reseller Programs Help You Grow?

Authorized online resellers act similarly to traditional distributors, with the main difference being the platform of choice. Both traditional and online resellers partner with manufacturers to sell their products for them. However, the most significant benefit of authorized online resellers is that operations, support, and marketing budgets are lesser compared to the traditional model. Because of that, you get a more considerable return on investment.

Online sellers also offer you better management control. Your company has complete control over everything—the product the market can buy, the product quantity to sell, and overall executive decisions. Authorized online retailers act like a third-party fulfillment company that does the selling and fulfillment process for you.

Furthermore, you also have the power to include or reject resellers from your pool of distributors. In doing so, you can be confident that the people you partnered with possess substantial knowledge and expertise in fulfilling your orders.

Why Choose Authorized Amazon Resellers?

Amazon dominates the e-commerce industry for a reason—they have reliable service and a broad selection of products available. As such, an effective Amazon brand management for your online selling is a must.

Most consultants for Amazon would tell you that picking reliable resellers who know how to optimize your listings using high-quality photos, create converting Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns, address customer concerns, and handle Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) suspensions are the key to secure your online dominance in Amazon.

Additionally, you can choose up to five authorized Amazon resellers for the job. Take note that what’s important here is that your resellers can do all the prerequisites mentioned above. Otherwise, your Amazon venture would flop. More retailers also help maintain your product ranking because it helps avoid running out of stock, which is a significant reason that lowers your Amazon search engine results page (SERP) ranking.

Unlike authorized Amazon sellers, unmanaged dealers are free to do whatever they want. They can violate the minimum advertised pricing (MAP), avoid addressing customer concerns, or not run any PPC ads. Because of that, you will likely lose money than gain some. Since they also carry your brand name, customers might think of your brand in a negative light, which might affect your business in the future.

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