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3 Essential Brand Strategies for Amazon Sellers

As one of the biggest companies in the world, Amazon has proven itself a valuable asset to the retail industry, to both customers and business owners alike. It has created a world where everything is accessible with a few taps and slides on your smartphone. But while it has put more goods within easy reach, it has also made the online marketplace a far more competitive landscape.

Along with the ever-growing dependence on social media, marketing has grown immensely more complex. Businesses and manufacturers are closer to consumers than they’ve ever been, which creates new opportunities to strengthen brands.  

Cultivating trust is key

A solid branding strategy can create an enduring competitive advantage. As businesses cultivate trust with their target market, marketing becomes easier. After all, if the consumers trust the brand, they are much more likely to buy from it.

A successful brand is built through recognizing the emotional needs of a customer and creating a connection with what they want. This relationship must be nurtured, turning a new customer into one that returns again and again.

And while this might seem difficult for a small business or start-up, there are many proven strategies for crafting and cultivating a winning brand.

  1. Tell your story

Storytelling is the heart of every well-known brand. Many tech giants today, Amazon included, spin a tale of their humble origins as companies being run out of garages. This inspirational tale of the giant that came from humble origins has allowed them to create a brand that is recognizable nearly everywhere.

Take an honest look at how your business began. More often than not, it centers around the narrative of a few gritty, like-minded individuals with a flair for innovation and a can-do attitude. What about your story sets you apart from the rest? What principles and values have you taken to heart as entrepreneurs?

These are the parts of the story that can build your brand and attract your customers. It can turn your company from just being another business to an organization of people who are dedicated to creating an awesome end-to-end customer experience.

  1. Build that emotional connection

When it comes to necessities, people use their heads. Outside of the realm of needs, everything else a consumer might buy is mostly related to what they want.

While your product’s specifications still have to be one of your selling points, you must appeal to your target market’s emotions with your overall messaging. Whether it is a sense of wonder that you’re trying to evoke, or that satisfying feeling of connectivity, there is nothing as powerful as emotions when it comes to your branding strategy on Amazon.

  1. Maintain consistency

Building a brand is a slow process of conveying compelling qualities through a distinct voice that speaks directly to your target audience. It also involves establishing a unique and specific graphic identity that is used across all channels. Everything you say and show needs to tell the story of your brand.

When it comes to your branding strategies, the name of the game is familiarity and trust. And your customers will only begin to trust your brand if you consistently deliver on your brand promise and connect with them through storytelling.

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