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Romans Tide eCommerce Guide: Analyzing Failed Amazon Sellers’ Mistakes

Amazon is a powerful platform for businesses to reach their customers. Whether you’re a local business or targeting an international audience, mastering Amazon can help you increase sales.

However, this online marketplace is not without its fair share of risks. There are certain pitfalls that many sellers and merchants face that can threaten their business’s longevity and bottom line. It’s critical to identify these threats — more importantly avoid them altogether.

Learning from past sellers’ mistakes

The horror stories of failed Amazon sellers should be a cautionary tale for people who are looking to establish their online business. As an entrepreneur, you should learn from their mistakes and focus on not repeating them by optimizing your business practices.

If you’re planning to be an Amazon Seller, here are three things you should watch out for.

  1. Observe current Amazon terms of service

The functionality of the Amazon Seller Account provides you with an overview of different trends, such as your current and ongoing orders. It’s where you can keep track of your inventory count, product performance, and feedback from past clients.

Some Amazon sellers make use of multiple accounts to hedge their bets. However, Amazon can crack down on your practices because having multiple accounts is a violation of their policies. If you’re in it for the long run, you must set your account up with a solid foundation to avoid encountering problems. You should also make sure that you observe proper account practices while optimizing your store’s performance.

  1. Inspect your goods before shipping them to customers

Amazon sellers usually partner with a third-party supplier for the manufacturing of their products if they can’t fulfill large-scale orders on their own. Although this decision can be a great way to save on production costs, some sellers can end up risking their credibility by getting a bad batch of products.

Besides dealing with unsellable units, the most significant problem that you’ll have to deal with is a damaged reputation. Amazon sellers that fail to perform proper quality control on their products can be subjected to scathing reviews that result in a chain-reaction of poor sales.

You need to make sure that you verify the quality of output from your supplier before you settle on bulk orders. Gauge whether your investment cost and your asking price per unit offer a fair value for your customers.

  1. Review your shipping prerequisites when dealing with customs

Many horror stories from sellers and buyers about shipping procedures show their inexperience in handling long-distance orders. Customs can end up seizing goods if they don’t follow the appropriate product requirements or shipping stickers. The damage this does to your brand can be lasting, especially when you have no way of getting your products back.

Before you ship out your products, make sure that you perform the right research so that you can observe the proper shipping procedures. You should also invest in well-made packaging to keep your products intact from your warehouse to your customers’ doorstep.

Above all, you need to make sure that you have effective customer service to handle any issues when it comes to managing your brand as an Amazon seller. Even if it’s impossible to avoid every pitfall in the ecommerce industry, you should have the right response in dealing with customer conflict.

How you handle your customers will have a lasting impact on your company’s brand, and consumers will respect sellers who fix their mistakes and provide a quick response.

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How you treat your customers will have a lasting impact on your company’s brand.