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How to Boost Revenue with TikTok

One of the most popular social apps today is TikTok, a video-sharing social media platform. Users on TikTok can upload short clips of everything from 15-second comedy sketches to dance and song covers, and even micro tutorials of every possible hobby.

The majority of users on TikTok are young people, though there are also some adults on the platform. There are about 800 million active accounts on the channel. Amazon brand managers should take advantage of this platform, as it is poised to become a significant driver of e-commerce.

What makes TikTok special?

Social media marketing involves sellers collaborating with lifestyle brands or influencers to get audiences to buy a product or subscribe to a service. TikTok operates similarly and has the distinction of being a “youthful” platform.

Also, retailers who deliver their products through Amazon will have an easier time reaching their audience. The site has keywords such as ‘Amazon Must-Have,’ ‘Amazon Things,’ ‘Amazon Things to Buy,’ and similar search terms. Investing in TikTok allows an Amazon seller to expand their reach and get past geographical barriers.

TikTok is a game-changer for Amazon sellers because it works as both a catalog and a brand-building space. Here are a couple of ways to use TikTok to promote your products on Amazon:

Have TikTok influencers review your products

Product reviews are trendy in the TikTok community. People love clicking on them, which inspires TikTok video creators to deliver more of this content.

Reach out to these content creators and request that they include your products in their ‘Amazon Finds’ videos. Reviewers usually include your link in the comment section, allowing people to visit your Amazon page and order directly from it.

Note that there are several fake profiles on the platform. It would be best if you verified the TikTok reviewer’s identity before striking a deal with them. You could check their bio section, Instagram profile, or other evidence of online activity.

Make a TikTok account for your brand

You can go the direct route and promote yourself on the platform. This brand management method works to your advantage, especially if your item involves some mechanism—use the videos to demonstrate how it works. Generating views will not be a problem since TikTok prioritizes organic reach.

To gain as many views as possible, you need to make videos to attract the audience. Light and comedic is the name of the game on TikTok. A video can only be from 15 to 60 seconds long, so you must use time wisely. Also, keep your caption short and candid. Use hashtags and text—hashtags are necessary for reaching your potential customers.

Like Twitter, a distinct brand voice is a plus in TikTok. Be sure your brand’s personality shines through, but always keep in mind that you interact with prospective customers.

TikTok is currently enjoying a surge in sign-ups and downloads—it boasts a more extensive network than popular platforms that have come before it, such as LinkedIn and Instagram. It is an effective way of expanding your audience without spending a penny on PPC or sponsored post rates. Don’t miss out on building your network in the fastest, most organic way to date.

How would you adapt your marketing strategy to include TikTok?

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