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4 Surefire Ways to Boost Revenue on Amazon

With the quarantine nearing its sixth month, it has become clear that for businesses to survive the COVID-19 pandemic, most of them need to find ways to sell online. If you are a seller, one of the greatest opportunities to continue earning income is through utilizing e-commerce platforms, such as heavy-hitting Amazon.

With a recorded number of over 2.5 million sellers actively selling last 2019, Amazon is currently the biggest online marketplace in the world. While this can mean tough competition, this also presents an opportunity for sellers willing to put in time and effort in understanding the platform’s landscape. It can be intimidating for new sellers, but it’s not impossible to gain traction fairly quickly.

Here are four simple tips that you can apply to be a successful Amazon seller.

  1. Make your product searchable

With about 350 million products listed for sale on Amazon in 2020, it’s important to make sure that your products are searchable by your prospective customers. A tried-and-true method for optimizing your product is to provide accurate information with relevant keywords that are typical to your niche.

The ideal approach is to be as descriptive as possible, including both common names and other frequently searched keywords. Instead of using the name “Product X,” most Amazon brand managers will suggest calling it the “Product X Camera” or “Product X Microphone.”

  1. Use high-quality, compelling photos

Aside from your product name, the pictures on your listing are the only direct representation of your product that the customer can assess. Low-quality photos that don’t show details or look “homemade” will leave a bad impression—potentially costing you a sale. To increase your sales, it’s best to use professional photos. If available and sufficient, you can simply use the original manufacturer’s stock photos.

  1. Keep your prices competitive

Keeping your prices competitive is a rather simple task through the Amazon platform. By checking each product you can stay on top of the prices in your given market, which you can use to adjust your prices accordingly.

The problem with here is that the more products you sell, the harder it will be to manage that on your own. (But growth is a good problem to have!) Most big sellers use AI Repricer software, which monitors prices and adjusts yours accordingly. While this strategy works for big resellers who sell many of the same products at the same time, it can be useless or even detrimental to smaller sellers with niche products. Amazon brand managers can advise you on the best tactic for keeping your prices competitive.

  1. Take care of your customers

Keeping your customers happy is even more important on e-commerce platforms than brick and mortar shops for several reasons. While customers are a bit savvier when it comes to shopping online, they are still taking a big risk by buying from you without seeing the product first. This risk goes up as soon as the product goes to a shipping courier where anything can happen to a package that neither you nor the customer can control.

By being a responsive and accommodating seller, you are establishing trust with a buyer who will buy from your shop again if he or she is satisfied, regardless of whether or not the parcel arrived to them in a good state initially.

The consequence of not being responsive is huge. If you don’t respond to a customer’s issues, they’ll never buy from you again. And you can be sure they’ll leave a negative review—which will have lasting negative consequences for your business.

With COVID-19 impacting almost every economy in the world, businesses need to take advantage of every online platform available to survive and thrive. If the number of active sellers and buyers in Amazon are any indication of the power of e-commerce, then being a savvy seller on the platform may just be the key to weathering the pandemic.

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