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Learning from the Expert: eCommerce Lessons from Amazon

Amazon came onto the scene as a humble online bookseller. With years of effort and hard work, however, it has now become an eCommerce platform to contend with. People from all around the world visit Amazon for their purchases, from the latest technology gadgets to simple baking products. With more than 12 million products to choose from, it’s no question that Amazon has now become an industry leader, always ready to innovate and grow.

Amazon’s undeniable dominance took decades to achieve, resulting from strategies that either failed or succeeded. If you’re an eCommerce entrepreneur, studying and learning from Amazon can help you grow and attract more customers.

Lesson #1: Meet your customers halfway—know what they want and need

From its humble beginnings, Amazon sought success by leveraging what matters the most—the power of word of mouth. Once you make a customer happy with your products and customer service, the electrifying impact of referrals take over. They will likely tell friends and family about your products, and now with the online world at their fingertips, your shop can reach limitless potential customers.

With news traveling fast in the online world, offering your customers the best possible experience will be your competitive advantage. This will drive new people into your store, browsing new pages, experiencing the benefits, and spreading their positive experiences to friends and family. By focusing your long-term growth on your customers, you’ll likely be successful for years to come—just like Amazon.

Lesson #2: Engage with your customers—get to know them

Early on, Amazon adopted a customer-centric approach, and they exhaust all means to learn about their customers. Looking into behavioral patterns, for instance, has enabled the eCommerce giant to predict product preferences and buying patterns. By taking this information and turning it into campaigns, customers are further exposed to products they might enjoy, which furthers the cycle of purchase. This relies heavily on personalization, which tailors an individual’s shopping experience.

In a world teeming with advertisements and marketing ploys, personalized experiences become your ticket to success. Amazon has positioned itself not as a seller, but a shopping partner—by doing so, they have increased retention, customer loyalty, and even the overall brand & customer relationship. With that being said, exhaust all means to personalize your customers’ shopping experiences. This will help them find what they need quickly and easily, prompting them to do repeat business with you.

Lesson #3: Provide for your customers—build a reliable community

Considering the power of word of mouth, it makes sense that customers prefer feedback from people they trust. Because of this, shoppers read reviews before purchasing. The online world has also paved the way for research, allowing customers to conduct extensive research before pursuing a brand. To establish credibility and trustworthiness, Amazon has built a customer community dedicated to educating their customers. Not only does this educate, but it also pushes customers into the buying process quicker.

To use it on your own business, make sure to email your customers once they receive your products. From there, ask for reviews, but make sure to go through each review carefully, ensuring that they come from actual customers and not spam. By doing so, you build a pool of relevant information prospective customers can dig into, letting them know your products are worth investing in.

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The most successful brands today come from humble beginnings. They’ve navigated through the tempest, with waters deep and threatening—and that’s exactly what made them stronger, now at the top of their game.

You may perhaps be only at the beginning of your eCommerce journey, but learning a thing or two from the experts will leave you ready for anything. You’ll likely be facing challenges, too, ones that will test your resilience. So long as you know where to focus on, ever-innovative and creative, you’ll be well on your way to becoming the next Amazon.

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What have you learned from Amazon? How has it helped you shape your strategies and business operations?

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