We work hard to be the best. Whether it is in our retail store or online, we only work with top brands like yours.

Our customers demand value and satisfaction and we deliver time and time again. You bring your passion, we’ll bring our drive, experience, and attention to detail. 

We don’t just sell your products. We represent them as if they were our own. Here’s just some of what you can expect with our business partnership. 

Review Assistance

Brand Integrity is an important concern for you. We get it. Whether it is in our store or online we know how to handle customer concerns regarding your products. Let our automated software effectively request reviews of your product from each of our  customers. A greater number of positive reviews not only affects the viewpoint of online shoppers, but can also lead to more sales. Through partnership we will solve issues presented in negative reviews, in an effort to increase your cumulative review score.

Are your current sellers doing that for you?

PPC Ad Placement

Through our partnerships with advertising companies, we create ad campaigns which will be targeted to and will appeal to a wide variety of shoppers.  Ad placement on Amazon, Google, Bing, and eBay will allow deeper market penetration, allowing us to secure new and unique customers for your brand. Each product has it’s own unique customer base. We know where to best place ads for your product to boost your return on ad spend.

Are your current sellers boosting your reach by helping with advertising?

Listing Revisions

Many listings found in online marketplaces are extremely poor. And in some cases even in violation of copyright or terms of service. Some can even lead to deleted listings. We have experts trained in everything from effective SEO tactics, to product photography and copy. With our partnership we can improve the vast majority of your product listings; better listings lead to better conversion and stronger brand loyalty. We like making you look good online.

Do your current sellers do that for you?

Outsmart Competition

Competition is part of the game and we know it best. When it comes to the online marketplace we know how to identify your share of the market and how to increase it. What keywords are you indexed for? What keywords are driving the sales of your competitors? How do you optimize your product listing to increase your organic position in the search results.

You got the questions. We have the answers. We will provide detailed reports using our technology. You’ll love the data we can provide.

Are the other guys doing that for you?

Multiple Marketplaces

In addition to our retail store we currently have active sales channels on Amazon, Ebay, and the Walmart Marketplace. We also have current plans to expand even farther onto the Jet, Newegg, Sears, and Rakuten Marketplaces.

Retailing on all these channels allows us to expose a greater percentage of all shoppers to your brand and it’s wonderful products, thus converting more shoppers into customers and loyal brand ambassadors. Don’t want your products on certain marketplace? That’s cool with us. We can even help you deal with hijackers that are not authorized to sell your products.

We got your back!

MAP Enforcement

Pricing is important and crucial to the integrity and perceived value of your brand. We will help you monitor your listings via sophisticated software 24 hours a day and will report and assist in discovering information about any sellers violating your MAP policies resulting in strengthening of your brand and greater sales for you and all authorized retailers.

We represent your products how you want them to be seen!