Think You Know Amazon? Test Your Knowledge Here

Why Should You Work With Romans Tide?

Because I’ve actually been where you are. 

We’re not some nameless, faceless brand management company with people who don’t know what it’s like to be in the trenches. 

Romans Tide was created because I wanted to help people avoid the pitfalls and hassles I struggled with. Through a lot of trial error, I now have the proven processes and strategies for success on the world’s largest marketplace.

And I know they work because I’ve used them in my own businesses to generate 7-figure revenue.

My tried-and-true strategy includes

Relentless dedication to getting your products to Page 1 on Amazon, and keeping them there.

Careful evaluation and guidance on your brand voice, graphic identity, and supporting assets

Being a watchdog for bad actors trying to steal your identity and undercut your marketing efforts.

Careful attention to logistical details, making sure Amazon receives all of your inventory and reimburses you for any mistakes they make.

Protecting your brand from unauthorized sellers trying to steal market share and misrepresenting your brand.

Helping to grow your brand by reaching beyond to Amazon to create loyalty and drive sales back to your website.

Am I the only Amazon brand management consultant who offers proven expertise, results-driven processes, and proprietary software? 


But I might be the only one who has the passion and grit to fight for you on all fronts because I’ve been where you are.